Buko ni Fruitas exemplifies Filipino Ingenuity

In the Philippines, the coconut, other than being known as the tree of life, also embodies the ingenuity of its people through the different creations they produce out of that precious nut. And Buko ni Fruitas proves that premise.

Created in 2005 by the Lush Group of Companies, an SME which also owns the product line “Fruitas Fresh From Babot’s Farm,” Buko ni Fruitas is basically a dessert offering, banking on the freshness and appeal of buko. With their products undergoing quality control, the store guarantees its customers that the bukos they serve are harvested in its freshest and best state.

They offer the buko in different presentations and more, in different mouthwatering flavors—from their buko loco, buko shake blended with one fruit in season, down to their buko delights which allows a customer to choose, together with the buko, from up to three kinds of fruits in season (apple, mango, banana, kiwi, strawberry, just to name a few). Undeniably, the freshness of their products settle perfectly in a person’s taste bud.

But more than its taste, one must also realize that drinking Buko ni Fruitas a day may bring a lot of health benefits. In fact, fresh buko juice is one of the highest sources of electrolytes which is excellent for rejuvenating the body on a hot summer’s day. Buko may also aid those who are prone to having urinary tract infection (UTI) since it is the number one medication for the said disease, as well as in cases of dehydration and diarrhea.

Buko also contains lauric acid, which may be effective in fighting yeast, fungi, and other viruses. It has more potassium, less sodium and very high in chloride compared to sports drink.

At present, Buko ni Fruitas has successfully penetrated the juice market bringing the Filipino ingenuity to its highest level by providing the people with the best healthy option. And in just a span of two years, it already owns 70 outlets nationwide, which all consistently offer fresh Buko at a very affordable price.

Thus, with today’s fast-paced world, living a healthy lifestyle, which has been considered by some as expensive, has been made easy by just a gulp of Buko ni Fruitas a day.

For further inquiries, you may call the Lush Group of Companies at 731-8886 or 731-9178 or 0918-9030602.

Written by: Philstar Global, click here for the original article.